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This photo shows a two-story house with modern, classic exterior. The house has a garage and large yard
109 Golden Eagle Dr. in Pickens, SC. A two-story home with white siding, gray stone, cedar posts and shutters.
A white farm style home in Pendleton, SC


At Homeland Builders, our mission goes beyond bricks and mortar. We see homebuilding as a way to glorify God, using our resources and expertise to craft exceptional homes and lasting relationships. Founded in 2017 with a vision of excellence, we've grown through partnerships with talented suppliers, investors, real estate professionals, and subcontractors. Partnerships with real estate agents and brokers have been imperative to our success.  We are constantly seeking partnerships to secure desirable lots in Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, and Pickens counties to develop in locations home buyers will love. Additionally, our collaborative spirit extends to homebuyers and investors.

Together with forward-thinking investors, Homeland Builders crafts exquisite new single-family homes in Upstate South Carolina's thriving market. Homeland Builders leverages its expertise and streamlined communication to ensure a smooth, efficient building process. This translates to minimized risk and maximized return on investment for investors, regardless of their goals – selling or renting the finished homes. Their in-depth market knowledge ensures each development aligns with local demand. Homeland Builders handles everything from permitting to completion, allowing investors to focus on other ventures with complete peace of mind. Additionally, flexibility and customization are offered to guarantee the final product reflects the investor's vision and budget.

Homeland Builders is driven by a passion for crafting exceptional living spaces. Here, dream homes are realized through a seamless blend of innovative design and unwavering commitment to quality construction. Choosing Homeland Builders isn't just a real estate transaction; it's an investment in a community built on trust, excellence, and lasting value.

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